Saturday, April 5, 2008

8 things about the gym

1. i'm such a bad blogger.

2. sorry.

3. my new play opens in three weeks, and i joined the gym, so i've been busy.

4. i get intimidated by the fact that everyone at the gym seems to totally know what they're doing, and i can barely even figure out the buttons on the damned stationary bike. and everyone's so serious. sometimes i want to laugh because i feel really goofy on those machines and i find them funny. but no one else laughs at the machines, so i started bringing a book so that i won't look like a crazy person laughing at the eliptical machines. but i'm reading She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb (actually, i finished it tonight, and damn it's a good book), and yesterday i was on the bike and i got to a really emotional part of the book and it made me cry, so i didn't really succeed in the whole try-to-not-look-crazy-at-the-gym thing because there i was riding the stationary book and CRYING.

5. but back to the buttons on the damned bike because they seriously don't make any sense. that's all i have to say about that. they just don't make sense. but i finally figured out that i can just hit "quick start" and pedal and be in business, so it's okay.

6. no one has facial hair at the gym i go to. it makes me feel like a grizzly bear.

7. i only do the bike. wednesday for thirty minutes, thursday for thirty minutes, friday for thirty minutes, and then today for forty-five minutes (!)

8. my legs were like jell-o from those extra fifteen minutes.

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Aimie said...

8 things about your blog:

1. you are a sexy grizzly bear.
2. but, if you need money, in a pinch, you could sell it.
3. or, donate it to merkin charities.
4. there are way too many buttons.
5. can you get me a guest pass?
6. then we could laugh together and everyone else would feel like they're missing out on something.
7. and, i could show you a few more machines that you'll love.
8. i think we should both wear spandex shorts and sweatbands.
bonus 9. and, then we could go to sears portrait studio while we're still sweaty and get an awesome studio pic...