Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clear eyes, full hearts, FNL IS RENEWED!

i'm so fucking excited i can't stand it. Friday Night Lights is coming back for a third season. if you aren't a fan, you're missing out on the best show on tv, and i implore you to start watching when it comes back for its third season so that viewership will finally be up and then we'll get a fourth season. (am i being a greedy little pig to already want a fourth season when the third hasn't even started?)

someone who's never seen the show recently emailed me and asked me why i watch it, and this is what i sent him back:

1. some of the best acting, writing, and directing on tv.

2. i don't particularly like football, or even really understand the game, but they get you so invested in the characters that by the end of game episodes you're jumping out of your seat, rooting for the home team to win.

3. the relationship between kyle chandler and connie britton as the coach and his wife -- it's the most real relationship i've seen on tv in a long time.

4. sexy dudes.

5. hot chicks (if you're into that sorta thing).

6. funny + it pulls at the heart strings like nobody's business (i usually cry at least once an ep).

7. great high school drama AND great adult drama. (i feel like most shows that dip their toes in both worlds usually do one better than the other. like take My So-Called Life: the teen storylines are great, while the parent subplots are usually really annoying.)

8. it's actually about something, it deals with ethics and race and sex and religion, and it doesn't feel preachy.

9. so much heart.


Aimie said...


aaaaand, the magical kevin rankin is divine.

Erik said...

he is great. and now he's gonna keep bein' employed!

christy said...

i totally agree! i don't get football, i don't want to get football, but i LOVE this show!

and i have to get better about watching it when it's actually ON so it can be renewed again next season!