Friday, March 14, 2008

quotidian things i did today:

1. saw Step Up 2 the Streets. loved it more than i probably should have. i think i cried three times. each time during dance scenes, the dancing was great. i'm in love with robert hoffman. besides being super hot (natch), he's a great dancer AND a choreographer. woof, woof. (and am i crazy or does he both look and sound like jay mohr's younger handsomer brother??? someone should seriously cast them as brothers, like, soon.) the whole final dance sequence takes place in the rain, which was a nice touch (though it took me out of things for a moment when i realized that, in order for the stepper uppers to face the camera during the final number, they were dancing with their backs to the entire crowd the whole time--but whatevs, they had good moves).

2. started reading Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. Choice quote: "The midnight disease is a kind of emotional insomnia; at every conscious moment its victim--even if he or she writes at dawn, or in the middle of the afternoon--feels like a person lying in a sweltering bedroom, with the window thrown open, looking up at a sky filled with stars and airplanes, listening to the narrative of a rattling blind, an ambulance, a fly trapped in a Coke bottle, while all around him the neighbors soundly sleep. This is in my opinion why writers--like insomniacs--are so accident-prone, so obsessed with the calculus of bad luck and missed opportunities, so liable to rumination and a concomitant inability to let go of a subject, even when urged repeatedly to do so."

3. looked up the word "concomitant": existing or occurring with something else, often in a lesser way; accompanying; concurrent

4. wrote at the library with sian (the librarian, with her deep, braying voice, started announcing that "the library is closing soon" at 5:30, a good thirty minutes before the library actually closed; she made these announcements every five minutes until closing time at 6 p.m. are library lurkers really such a terrible, terrible hassle that they need a thirty minute warning so they can get out of there in time?)

5. had dinner at the california pizza kitchen with jesse; ate the mango chicken pizza; wished i'd ordered the thai chicken.

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