Sunday, March 9, 2008

People in Laughlin are concerned

I'm in Laughlin for the weekend. Jessica and I drove up to help her parents move (they just bought a house here), and we thought we'd use it as an excuse to get away for the weekend and hole up in a hotel and get some work done, and we've been really productive. Anyway, we got a lot of work done yesterday, and then last night we decided to do a little gambling (while in Rome...) and I called it quits after about fifteen minutes (I'm a terrible gambler, so I just played penny slots, while Jessica played blackjack and three card poker). While I was waiting for Jessica, I decided to run through this pitch that we have next week, and so I sat over next to a slot machine that wasn't occupied and I started talking to myself, and apparently I looked completely insane because about 10 minutes later, two really scary looking security dudes came up to me and asked me what I was doing:

SECURITY DUDE: Excuse me, sir?

ME: Yes?

SECURITY DUDE: What are you doing?

ME: Oh, sorry, am I bothering anyone? I'm just running through a story, I'm a writer, it's a pitch I'm working on --

SECURITY DUDE: People are concerned that you look crazy.

ME: Sorry. I'm not.

SECURITY DUDE: People are concerned.

ME: I'm just waiting for my friend. I was getting some work done.

SECURITY DUDE: I can see that you're not crazy, but you can understand why people were concerned?

ME: Yes, I'm sorry.

SECURITY DUDE: Several people complained, that's all.

ME: Okay, thanks. I'll stop.

SECURITY DUDE: Have a good evening.

And then they walked away, and I felt self-conscious, so I joined Jessica at the three card poker table, where I won 40 bucks.


j-dō said...


i finally got a change to get over here! i am so glad you're back.

bloging makes me feel connected to you, even though we have 3000 miles between us.

oh and i have known you for quite a few years now and i would imagine that you would be used to people being 'concerned'.

Erik said...

jen, i'm glad to be back too! i love how much you've been blogging lately, it makes me happy to get little pieces of you via the blogosphere. xoxoxo

oh and you're right, i'm not really concerned about strangers being 'concerned.' it was very funny.

Anonymous said...

Excited to see you back. I came to realize I am not the only neurotic list maker and can see our common neurosis in your writing. Keep it coming.

Hilarious story about Laughlin. You know the people who complained were waiting for them to take you away and were hopefully ashamed they had turned in a sane person.

O...did gina tell you we saw you in Vegas this weekend playing keyboard in a cover band? You were good. Be well and hope to see you for a game night soon. Matt