Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mtv's gauntlet ramblings

okay, how amazingly hardcore have the challenges been this season on MTV's Gauntlet Real World/Road Rules Challenge??? the buried-alive challenge was intense, but tonight's ice challenge takes the cake. Did you see the look on Diem's face as she came out of the water during the crazy ice challenge? I mean, all of their faces looked awful...oh my god, and then Robin's face, ack! (I'm live-blogging this apparently). I really want the Rookie's to win this because I don't agree with throwing challenges on principle. Wow, wow, wow, this is too intense, I keep expecting someone to freeze to death. Danny is a rockstar at this. I wonder if he actually has principles and also doesn't agree with throwing missions??? Why is everyone shunning him now???? They're all douches, I love them. I love the drama. I'm not really recapping this at all, I'm sure none of what I'm writing makes any sense unless you're sitting here watching this with me. Frank is the cutest douchebag on TV. I miss Casey, why'd she have to get kicked off last week? Girl had spunk. Holy crap, the rookie team is so tiny. There's only six of them left? Total decimation. okay, no more live-blogging, i need to focus on watching katie kick paula's ass in the gauntlet, so that she can come back and throw the guy's mission. (fingers crossed!)

update: dammit, katie lost the gauntlet. i really wanted the girls to throw the guys gauntlet. am i the only one who thinks danny looks like an elf in santa's workshop when he wears that little beanie cap?

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