Saturday, March 22, 2008

If Erica Had a Donor...

I've been really stressed the last few days about a bunch of various things, and then I just got home and read my friend Erica's blog and it really hit me how trivial all of the stupid little things I've been stressing over are. Erica's fighting leukemia, and she recently had a relapse, and she needs a bone marrow transplant -- she had one, but they fell through. It's especially tough for her to find one because she's of mixed race, which means her donor has to be too, and less than 3% of donors are minorities. Erica and her sister Jaci posted a video of them singing about their need for a donor and I can't figure out how to grab the video and post it here, so please go to Erica's blog and watch her video, and join the donor registry at Especially if you're mixed race. You might save a life, maybe Erica's. And if you know anyone who's of mixed race, please pass on the word that Erica's looking for a donor, and show them Erica's video. Thanks. CLICK HERE TO GO TO ERICA'S BLOG.

update: I found the video on youtube, so I can upload it here now. But you should still go to Erica's blog.

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Aimie said...

i'm gonna have my sister help me post erica's video on my myspace page. i wish i was computer saavy. how'd you get to be such a computer rockstar???